Everyone has a mission in life. Our mission at SAMI-host.com is to help you achieve it.

We can provide almost anything small and medium-sized businesses might need. From web hosting, to graphic design and web development for new sites and even SEO services you can use to get higher search rankings for your existing site. Don’t be deterred by the idea that your site will be expensive. Focus instead on the idea that you can use your site to attract the new customers you need. WordPress hosting with us will be seamless and simple. Thankfully, WordPress has such functionality that you can use off-the-shelf plug-ins to build almost any type of site that may be required. Our talented web designers can show you the way to get your site up and running with the features you need. If you need more than WordPress, we can still help you. Just let us know your needs and we will work with you to the fullest extent we can. You have a mission, and we want you to succeed.

Where are our servers located?

Currently, our servers are located in the United States of America. Soon we will also add servers in Europe, the UK and somewhere in Asia that we have yet to determine – probably Thailand and/or Singapore. All of our servers are in state-of-the-art data centers with the best possible speeds. This ensures that the sites we host will be noticed on search engines for ease of loading and access. We aim to give our customers the choice where to store their data on the Internet as a rule, as much as possible. The Internet is worldwide, but not all jurisdictions are the same. The choice should be up to the user, always.

About Sami-Host.com
is an international company headquartered in Thailand, a project of CT Services Limited, (Thailand). We believe that every person, business or organization deserves a chance to showcase itself on the Internet. Everyone in the world has something to contribute that they may want to tell the world about. Everyone in the world has a mission or goal they want to achieve. The beauty of this world is that you can do anything you want with the right tools and the right state of mind. Our company can provide you the tools you need. The name SAMI is an acronym standing for Serving All Missions with Integrity. It can also stand for our slogan – Serving All Missions Intelligently.

Your mission, (should you choose to accept it) is entirely up to you to determine. We give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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– 99.9% uptime
– blazing fast server speeds
– dedicated personal service
– very affordable prices well within the reach of any ordinary person or business

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